Grub “Error 15: File not found” using “savedefault”

5 05 2005

I’m running Gentoo Linux on my IBM Thinkpad notebook. Since it was on hiatus for quite some time I ran a emerge --deep world today – which was alot of stuff. Grub went bonkers during the next reboot, though – it wasn’t possible to boot anything anymore: “Error 15: File not found”. After giving it some thought, I hit “c” to enter the edit modus, “d” to delete the “savedefault” line and “b” to boot the changed configuration. This worked, it booted up again. Phew. Now to repair it. Google digs up a bugtracking page. The grub-0.96-savedefault-bugfix.patch looks good. So, let’s fix this!

The ebuilds are in /usr/portage/sys-boot/grub. I put the patch in there, then opened the grub-0.96-r1.ebuild in vim. The src_unpack() function gets extended like this:

# savedefault patch; bug #12018
epatch ${FILESDIR}/${P}-savedefault-bugfix.patch

after the other patches. An "emerge grub" yields

!!! Security Violation: A file exists that is not in the manifest.
!!! File: files/grub-0.96-savedefault-bugfix.patch

Okay, it seems we have to get more dirty work done. First, run md5sum on files/grub-0.96-savedefault-bugfix.patch and grub-0.96-r1.ebuild, then put the hashes together with the filesize in the Manifest file. Another "emerge grub" runs through, without any errors during the emerge process at all. But the problem still persists.

Digging up some more stuff. Found, very interesting, because while I was looking where grub stores its ebuilds I have seen that three new kernel releases (linux-2.6.10-gentoo-r5, linux-2.6.10-gentoo-r6 and linux-2.6.11-gentoo-r6) are dozing on the HDD. I’ll try upgrading to the latest one by myself later. Running "grub-set-default 0" as root seems to solve the problem: Grub boots without any problems, everything okay. This wasn’t the first time that Grub is suddenly acting strange after an emerge, let’s just hope that it is the last time.




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