Blizzhackers got shut down

15 05 2005

It’s kinda late for me to notice this, but the Blizzhackers forums seems to have been taken down by Blizzard. zOMG! It seems they finally share the same fate as the late GotWoW. Here’s an IM excerpt of the reasoning for this act:

  • It should not be too difficult to figure out — any efforts to support the development of emulation servers, or any hacks or cheats, is harmful to [Blizzard]
  • [Blizzard] works hard to develop a great game, and its ability to continue to do so depends on people playing the game the way its intended, on [Blizzard]’s servers
  • That’s it in a nutshell
  • and what is the “formal” reason to legitimize shutting the site down? is it copyright infringement on the name “blizzhackers”?
  • meaning “blizz” in blizzhackers
  • There are a number of grounds — copyright, DMCA, Trademark, breaches of license, etc

You might want to have a look at this GamezWorld news entry (in german) for a summary.




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