Dedicated Diablo II server for Linux

10 09 2005

From time to time I tend to have a moment of Fantasy/RPG-Nostalgia – like with Master of Magic, Heroes of Might and Magic, Might & Magic: World of Xeen , Age of Wonders or Spell Force in the past, the first and the last one being the more honorable mentions. Two days ago I started playing Diablo II on a whim – playing it again, as it turns out. Although I still have a good memory of the first game (boy, did I have a whipping bow with chain lighting that cut through the enemy lines like through butter! do I remember the stressful time getting the gear back after being killed in the last level, starting butt naked out in town again!) I didn’t think I played Diablo II before. But I didn’t only look my brother over the shoulder when he was playing it, it seems I have been playing it to the beginning of Act III some years ago. As far as I can remember now I quitted when I was slayed by some Fetish pygmies. Ah well, anyhoo…

I’m on the end of Act III now after these two days and since I started the game as a network game by default (because contrary to Diablo II it was not possible to use characters from a Local game in a Network game before as far as I can remember) I had the idea of setting up a Diablo II gaming server on the ex-DSL router that is newly reborn as DC++ server, operating via WLAN from the kitchen. It turns out that there are two reasonable pieces of software that try to emulate a server:

  • bnetd, which shared the same fate as those WoW server emulators by being shut down by Blizzard for alleged DMCA violations and
  • PvPGN, which seems to be the new player in town and seems to offer an even broader list of Blizzard games to host, let’s hope it manages to survive for a while.

The first one still exists as package in the Debian package system, but since development is stalled now I guess the second one is a better choice, especially since it officially supports Diablo II, contrary to the other one.

However, after digging up all this information I considered who would be interested in a server like this and use it, apart from me, quickly leading me to drop the whole thing. Therefore I just downloaded some (hacked) savegames from the net to try out those skills of the new classes that I liked to see and deinstalled the game – I’ll need the time to get other pending work done and will better improve the DC++ file sharing ability of the kitchen server instead of turning it into a gaming server.




3 responses

19 01 2009

I just read your whole article to find out you never actually got around to installing a dedicated D2 server on Linux. Kinda misleading. Thanks.

17 12 2009
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5 06 2010

indeed, very misleading, but thanks for the links to the software, im sure to get it running..

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