Dungeon Siege 2 Multiplayer

16 09 2005

Somebody requested the new game Dungeon Siege 2, so I delivered. This did have an even shorter life span than Diablo 2: It took about half an hour of playing before I got to the inevitable use of the “Uninstall” button. But in order to get the game working in Multiplayer, we discovered some interesting things.

First, if you want to play with somebody else in a LAN game that is behind a router / NAT / firewall, you can use some software that was originally meant for Warcraft III and Starcraft players named “Battle.Lan” or “LanCraft”. Another thing that we tried before, but which didn’t work so well, was setting up a VPN in order to simulate a LAN. Aside from the use of the standard Windows XP tools and some free software called OpenVPN, which requires reading howto’s and manual editing of textfiles in order to configure it (maybe not something for everybody), there is some neat software called Hamachi that gives you instant VPN functionality. It is a breeze to setup and even containes a chat feature. The only drawback is that you have to be online and logged on into their network in order to use it, you can’t use it seperately from the Internet, just inside your LAN.




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