“Devices” broken in Konqueror

27 10 2005

I fixed something that was nagging me for quite some time now… The “devices” tab in Konqueror didn’t work anymore, if you tried to access the tab an error popped up that the “protocol is not supported”. This tab is very useful if you don’t want to manually issue a mount command via console for things that are already defined in /etc/fstab, like your cdrom, data partition or usb drive.

Some bug report gave the hint that as of KDE 3.4.2, “devices:/” is named “media:/”. After changing the target for the devices tab accordingly, it finally worked again as it should.

And another added bonus is that because of this I finally found some nice 2-pane KDE file manager named Krusader. Now I can really utilize SCP via kio_fish like it was meant to be. I also found a nice binary newsclient for KDE named Klibido that can grab binary news from a NZB file, too. The code for the NZB parsing was stolen from Knzb, with permission. I think I’ll never have to boot up Windows on the notebook again! 🙂 (that is, if KDevelop is a worthy substitute for Visual Studio…)




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