Kernel Upgrade

3 11 2005

After emerging KDevelop my notebook ran out of space. I couldn’t login to KDE afterwards because of that. Last time this happened I simply purged /usr/portage/distfiles/ where Gentoo’s Portage system stores the downloaded sources to the ebuilds. This time I invested some time and came across a nice page with Portage utilities where I got a script called Unclepine to do this “in an intelligent way” from now on.
Then I went to /usr/src/ and saw that my kernel is pretty outdated now. So I decided to update my kernel

After installing and booting the new kernel I got a friendly reminder that I had devfs installed instead of the favoured udevfs, so I had to emerge udev
The alsa problems that got reported during startup at first vanished after that, too. Only KDE didn’t load anymore. The graphical console wasn’t working anymore at all, after I switched to it via Ctrl+F7 I was left with just a blinking text cursor and had to do a hard reset. The logs from X in /var/log/ stated that I was “missing a Core pointer”. In the ServerLayout of /etc/X11/xorg.conf the CorePointer was set to Mouse0, and that was a symbolic link to /dev/mouse which was no longer available (since the deprecation of devfs). It had to be modified to use /dev/input/mice instead, which I already had included as secondary InputDevice Mouse1, to get my USB mouse and the Touchpad working in previous configurations – but that didn’t help any. After changing the Mouse0 input device, removing the Mouse1 input device and gracefully restarting KDE via /etc/init.d/xdm restart this latest kernel update (always a PITA) was completed successfully.
Unmerging the unused gentoo-sources freed some more space out of /usr/src




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