Magick++ in KDevelop

7 12 2005

For my second project in KDevelop I wanted to use the Magick++ image library from the Imagemagick project. If you emerge imagemagick it will be installed for you automatically. Getting it to work with KDevelop requires just a few turns.

After you have started a new KDevelop project, click on the “Automake Manager” tab on the bar to the right. In the bottom file dialog that opens up, your program should already be selected. Click on the pliers icon in the upper right of it and on the “Libraries” tab in the window that pops up. Then it’s time to open up a Konsole window. Type in Magick++-config --libs and copy the resulting line to your clipboard. Then click on the “Add” button in the KDevelop dialog and paste the line there. Run automake from the “Build” tab of KDevelop and you should be able to compile your Magick++ program.




One response

7 12 2005

The same applies to the TidyLib: First emerge htmltidy, then add -ltidy to the library flags. Et voilà, the examples compile successfully.

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