Saving power on the notebook

8 05 2006

After enabling “Intel Speedstep on ICH-M chipsets” and “Intel Pentium 4 clock modulation” as modules in the CPU Frequency scaling menu of the kernel’s power management options, I notice that the speedstep_lib gets loaded automatically upon booting, while the p4_clockmod module does not, yet. I can’t load the p4_clockmod manually via modprobe because it says that the device is busy all the time. Mmhm, maybe I should have a closer look at the Power Management Guide later on.

I have installed KPowersave by adding the necessary ~x86 flag for sys-power/powersave and sys-power/kpowersave in /etc/portage/package.keywords and then added cpudyn, powersaved and acpid to be started automatically upon booting via rc-update add XXX default aswell. The KPowersave is a much more advanced tool than the standard laptop power utility that ships with KDE, I’ll make sure to play around with it later on.




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