My KDM login theme

31 08 2007

After I installed my system from scratch again, I wanted a nicer login screen. I looked around for a theme that I could use. After some experiments, I settled for making a theme of my own.

I started off with the Kubuntu Edgy UserList theme and Gentoo-ified it. Then I replaced the background graphic with my favorite wallpaper. This is the result:

KDM login theme Splash loading screen

To install the same theme for yourself:

To have my (or your) wallpaper in the background of the login splash screen:

  • Put the unwetterhimmel.jpg into ~/.kde/share/wallpapers/
  • Open Control Center -> Appearance & Themes -> Splash Screen
  • Choose “Default”
  • Open Control Center -> System Administration -> Login Manager
  • Click on “Administrator Mode” and login with your root password
  • Choose “Background”
  • Click on “Enable background”, then “Picture” and set it to unwetterhimmel



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