Back again!

16 09 2007

Since my old webhost quit on me, I finally decided to move my few scribblings to the official site, since back when I was still using it, upgrading it has always been a pain. But I don’t want any fancy stuff, I just want to have a chronological notepad somewhere. So I grabbed the file and database dumps that lingered on my harddrive for half a year, registered a new subdomain and attempted to transfer the old WordPress 1.5 content over to their site.

Apparently, WordPress finally learned to export and import entries, but since my last version didn’t have that feature, all I had were database dumps. No luck trying to get those imported into the WordPress site. So I installed my old WordPress 1.5 software on some other web account, imported the data by hand via phpMyAdmin and reset the admin password. I found a plugin to export my data into a WordPress XML file and a helpful tip how to get it working with WordPress 1.5, too. So the actual part of transferring the entries was a matter of seconds. Aaand we’re live again!




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