Making digital videos by means of a Bluescreen effect

1 11 2007

As you might know when you take a look at my very first posts to the blog, I have been interested in hacking around with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft game. Back when Blizzhackers was still up and the very first private servers popped up after a game server got hacked and people reverse engineered the server software, projects like WoWmapview (a program which could display ingame terrain) and the WoW Model viewer (a program which displayed models from the game, PC, NPC and monsters alike) popped up, too. The very first version of the WoW Model viewer was done by a smart chinese guy, but he released his sources (which I was the first to report on the Blizzhackers forum) and it seems that others have now taken up the project. Even more interesting: Some people are using this program to create their own videos by means of a Blue-/Greenscreen effect.

Very nice! WoW has definitely inspired lots of third party creations. Somebody even started to build a real time strategy game around it.




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