MathMap plugin and the Droste Effect

13 04 2008

Found a very cool tool today which allows you to produce self-referential images, like you know it from fractals. It’s called MathMap and can do tons of other things as well – it even gives you the ability to write new plugins in a simple way yourself. There’s a GIMP plugin and a standalone Mac OS X program of it. The filter that’s particularly interesting is called the “Droste effect”. Josh Sommers has a collection of images produced with it on flickr and a tutorial there as well.

Here are some of the pictures created with it:

Damn, what floor are we on?  Droste Cubed Step 2  Eternal Scream 2 (Alpha Blended)  Obligatory Droste Self Portrait




One response

27 04 2008

I have now installed this plugin in my system, too, with the ebuild that I have put on Gentoo Bugs here:

It works, but the code from the tutorial is outdated. The latest version of the code that I have come across is at version 10 and is compatible with MathMap 1.2.x, while the original code was for 1.1.x only. Here’s a link to the v10 code:

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